From: Jari (finn1@telus.net)
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 03:28:10 EDT

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    I stepped outside in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the newly launched
    NOAA 17 but just before it was to arrive, those pesky clouds came in so i
    went back inside. When i looked out the patio window 20 min later at
    06:35:0x 3 July UTC i saw a very bright object, est mag -3 to the NW, Az
    approx 330 deg El 20-25 deg. No bright star is in that area at that time and
    this one was moving to the NW so it was a sat. It's track indicating it was
    coming from the SSE. I was able to ID it as ASTEX #05560 71089A and i've
    seen it flare before.
    A couple of minutes later i spotted Irid Breeze Rk #27452 02031C as passed
    to the East of Polaris, i used my 10x50s at first but then saw it at 1x as
    it reached an elevation of 79 deg, Az 86 deg. 4 min later at 06:41 i picked
    up Ir 98 ? #27451 02031B in my FOV, fairly easily as it too was to the East
    of my location, Az 84 deg El 83 deg. However at 06:48 i looked for but did
    not see Ir97 ? #27450 02031A, it's track was to the West and there were
    clouds in the way as well. I've seen the new Irids and their rocket several
    times but never all three on the same pass, usually 2 out of the 3. The
    previous night i had a predicted -8 flare of Ir 97 ? but cloudy skies got in
    the way.
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