Re: NOAA9 vs. NOAA17

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 04:14:57 EDT

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    Range is between the object in the (omitted) heading and the one on the
    (COLA computes just for the first satellite in the first elset file, ALLCOLA
    for all satellites from a given starting file position)
    Orbital separation is the vertical separation of the tracks, ie the worst
    possible collision situation, given the the most common elset error - time.
    NdAngle is the Nadir Angle between the objects at the time of closest
    approach (ie NOAA 9 is 18 km above NOAA 17).
    > I don't understand the figures, is Range the difference in ranges from the
    > observer or from each other? Is orbital separation the distance between
    > or some vertical or horizontal reference?
    > Dale
    > P.S I notice that the mail preferences have recently changed for SeeSat,
    > when I select Reply, it goes to the person not the list, I have to hit
    > Reply-to-all the get it on the list.
    It has always been like that (or I am losing my memory!)
    On DSat it always includes DSat - 'all' now makes two copies for DSat.
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