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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 02:10:45 PDT

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    Where I was growing up the local newspaper published predictions for their 
    pass....neat objects
    Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX
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    >Hi to all,
    >Mention of the EchoSatellites sure takes me back. At the age of seven or
    >eight I spent an hour or two on many evenings standing outside hoping that
    >one of them would pass over. At that time the whole idea of man made 
    >in space was new and very exciting. Those satellites which were easily
    >visible in the evenings, were what got me interested in Astronomy in the
    >first place.
    >How much simpler it all is now, that we can download predictions and
    >starmaps from the internet each night.
    >Clear skies to all
    >Peter D.
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    > > Even if Paul Hill were referring to orbiting manmade objects (as opposed
    > > flying ones) I recall that NASA's Echo aluminized polyester balloon
    > > satellites (Echo I - Aug 1960, Echo II - Jan 1964)  often reflected 
    > > sunlight to be faintly seen during the day.  The biggest problem was 
    > > the early 1960's, without personal computers, modems and the internet,
    > > people had no way to get pass predictions to know what they might happen
    > > spot.  The Echo balloon satellites were definitely visible during 
    > > satellite viewing conditions.
    > >
    > > Jeff Barker
    > > Leavenworth, Kansas, USA
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