Very close call tomorrow night

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 14:09:33 PDT

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    Dear List,
            A few weeks ago we had a very interesting thread on the
    probability of an Iridium flare transitting the lunar surface ... as I
    was preparing my camera gear for tonight's Iridium 10 flare, I was
    wondering if the moon would be causing me any grief (ie. glare). When I
    got outside to position the tripod and camera, I saw that the setting
    moon would certainly be within the viewfinder's FOV and perhaps even
    closer to the flaring satellite.
            When I checked using SkyMap Pro, I noticed that it would be a
    "close" call but nothing to really get excited about as far as a transit
    is concerned. Out of curiosity I rushed inside to check tomorrow night's
    flare (Iridium 83) which is three minutes later than tonight's flare and
    wow!!!  The flare will be within a degree of the setting moon ... the
    good thing about the setting  moon is that its intensity is not as great
    as it would have been otherwise which should help with the saturation.
            Any thoughts about what kind of lens to use? All of my camera is
    currently dedicated to another project involving the sun except for an
    old Argus Cosinon STL 1000 (55mm lens/f2.8) and my Canon EOS 3 (25-105
    and 100-300 zooms). I was debating about which camera to use but I think
    I will shoot using both of them as I do have separate shutter release
    cables for each.
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