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Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 23:03:54 PDT

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    A quote from an article on
    With the Canadian robot arm and the Quest airlock in place, the 16-nation
    station consortium will set out to erect the rest of the outpost's central
    truss and add three more U.S. power towers and their associated solar wings.
    By that time, the 17-story station - which now weighs 132 tons, equaling the
    mass of Russia's former space station Mir - will span an area as large as a
    city block. What's more, the station - which already is one of the brightest
    stars in the night sky -- will be visible even in daylight. 
    "When this thing flies over, during the daylight, you'll be able to look up
    for the first time and see a manmade object flying through the sky with the
    naked eye," said NASA flight director Paul Hill. "That's pretty significant,
    and we're halfway there. And this opens the door up for that becoming a
    Look forward to see ISS in daytime.
    Leo Barhorst
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