observing USA 129

From: Josef Huber (JHuber8790@inetmail.de)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 22:37:38 PDT

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    Hi all
    last night I observed USA 129 satellite with the two line elements from
    Ted Molczan and with our 16" Meade LX200. With the 20mm ocular and
    200 x magnification I saw an elliptical dish. Then 23.Jul2001 at 19.52 UTC
    here at Munich was a very bright flare like Iridium satellite, because USA
    was at optimal sunlight reflection. It was a verry short but gigantic flare.
    Does anyone know more about this satellite. How does he looks like?
    Next time I will track him with video camera.
    Josef Huber
    munich public star observatory
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