Re: Shuttle trail from Texas at 12:57 CDT

From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 21:38:55 PDT

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    I saw a night trail a few years back and it was something
    to see & remember!  and the sky is clear too.  thanks for 
    the heads up, I just got in from out of town.
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    On 07/23/01 at 23:32 Daniel Deak wrote:
    >Hello everybody, especially those in southern Texas,
    >Because the first landing opportunity has been waived off due to incoming rain
    >showers, the reentering Shuttle will be seen over the coast of the Gulf of
    >Mexico if the second opportunity is GO. For the Houston area, the visible pass
    >should begin at around 12:57 CDT and the plasma trail should be seen. This info
    >just taken from NASA TV. Landing is scheduled at 01:14 CDT.
    >Good luck,
    >Daniel Deak
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    Paul Gabriel
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    the stars at night are big & bright......
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