RE: STS-104 and ISS question

From: Stephen Bolton (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 07:43:10 PDT

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    From: Edward S Light []
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    Subject: Re: STS-104 and ISS question
    On Sun, 22 Jul 2001 03:37:55 -0300 "Stephen Bolton" <>
    > Just observed the 6:26 UT pass. Separation of 1/8 degree with bright
    > ISS leading the orbiter (2 mag dimmer and white).
    > Could just make out the separation naked eye at the zenith.
    > Steve Bolton
    > Lat 45.432  Long 65.976 W
    We observed the same pass (emerging from shadow at 06:25.6 UTC low (20
    in the NNE, but only saw a single bright (e.g., like Capella) object even
    7x50 and 10x50 binoculars.  Maybe we'll have better luck at the next pass
    (08:00 UTC) although this one will be even lower (e.g. 13 degrees maximum
    in the NNW.
    Clear and dark skies!
    Ed and Darlene Light
    Lakewood, New Jersey, USA
    40.1075N, 074.2312W, +24m (80 feet)-----------------------------
    I should point out that I have excellent eyesight - used to be 20/10 - now
    slipped to 20/15 as I age.
    But even I could not distinguish the objects separation by naked eye once
    less than about 60 degrees above the horizon. My path was about 10-15
    degrees off the zenith.
    Steve Bolton
    45.432N Long 65.876 W
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