Re: STS-104 and ISS

From: Jeff (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 03:49:39 PDT

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    I have the 800UT pass on Hi8-video, the pair cruising just above 
    Mizar/Alcor at 758UT, then 2 minutes later barely skimming under 
    Dubhe.  Stars were 8 above local horizon.  STS Plus gave me a range of 
    just under 1000sm distance.
    According to my references, the Mizar/Alcor separation is just under 12 arc 
    min.  After reviewing the tape several times, I am sure the STS/ISS 
    distance is closer to 1/2. (~30 arc min)  (you could cover both with the 
    tip of your pinkie :)  On the next orbit at 930UT, according to NASA TV, 
    the distance between ISS and the trailing shuttle was 18 nautical miles.
    Jeff Poplin
    36.2943N 81.3212W
    King, NC USA
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