Re: Rugby 60kHz time signal

From: Steve Daniels (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 12:26:37 PDT

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    David Brierley wrote:
    > Fellow observers,
    > Here is a warning to any of you who use the GBR(?) 60kHz time signal
    > transmitted from Rugby.  Last night, 2001 July 19/20, I compared my 60kHz
    > wall clock with the Moscow time signals on 9.996MHz, and found that it was
    > 1.63 seconds slow at 22h UT, increasing to 1.78 seconds at 02h UT.  This
    > morning the clock was still drifting.  Maybe Rugby is off the air, or my
    > clock has failed.
    > David.
    Looks like rugby is off air.
    snip from above page
    The MSF Annual Maintenance Period in 2001
    The annual maintenance of the BT Rugby 60 kHz MSF transmitter system
    will be
         1300 BST on Monday 16 July 2001
         1300 BST on Monday 30 July 2001
    During this period it is likely that the service will be interrupted,
    these outages will be kept to a minimum. The service will be restored
    overnight between 2000 BST and 0800 BST whenever possible.
    Steve Daniels
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