Re: UFO over New Jerseys, Orbital objects hitting earth shadow?

From: Joe (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 20:34:31 PDT

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    The lights sound more like flares by the way the observers described them as
    "winking out". After watching the video on ABC's web site and seeing the SLOW
    moving dots of light with my own eyes, I am almost %100 certain the objects
    were flares attached to parachutes. The way the witnesses described the lights
    as "winking out" just reinforces my argument. I doubt these objects are or were
    ever anything in orbit.
    Joe Hurley  
    North Greenbush, NY                
    42.6696N 73.6857W 
    >     I'm trying to get more info on the UFO sighting over NJ witnessed by
    > quite a few people
    > including police this past weekend to see whether or not it could have
    > been an orbiting debris field.  From verbal descriptions, audio (and a
    > video I haven't seen yet) it sounds as though it could have been a
    > debris field in orbit, obviously quite bright and each object winked out
    > as it passed by.  My theory as the moment is again a field of orbital
    > debris that hit earth shadow and disappeared?
    >     The story was carried by ABC and can be seen at:
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