Win2000 and Skymap

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 10:09:19 PDT

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    > Mark,
    > You posted a message to SeeSat-L a year ago:
    > Did you ever solve your problem? I'm having the same problem with SkyMap
    > &
    > Win2000 (not Pro) and I've also seen this problem with Windows NT.
    Hi! I'm cc'ing this to the list.
    Problem restatement: when doing an all-satellite search in Rob Matson's
    Skymap (F10 from the main menu), it draws the screen OK with all the sat
    tracks. Then it replaces the screen by gibberish.
    Fix: in the same folder as Skymap, put a program called sort.exe .
    Then the map draws fine except for a 1-line copyright message across the
    Attached sort.exe to Ralph's e-mail.
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