Re: STS-104/ISS observation & more

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 13:22:39 PDT

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    > >Observed the STS/ISS make an early morning overhead pass starting 
    > out
    > bright
    > >white at around mag. -4 in the SW and slowly diminishing in 
    > brightness as
    > it
    > >traveled to the NE.
    > So did I.  It was quite dim, crossing the southern sky and passing 
    > very near
    > to Saturn, Venus and Aldebaran.  I was taking pictures with a 300mm 
    > lens.
    > The pass was centered at about 0830 UT.
    I was outside - and saw nothing naked-eye (limitiing magnitude: +3) !!
    > >I retired last night after watching the beginning of the EVA via 
    > NASA TV on
    > >the internet and got up early to observe and see the end of the 
    > successful
    > >EVA with the airlock permanently installed.
    > I taped the whole EVA off my computer and am watching it now.  
    Can you please tell me how you taped the EVA off your computer (NASA TV,
    I assume) ?!  I've looked everywhere on how to do this - and I couldn't
    find it anywhere.  I know such software must exist somewhere!
    BTW, during the mission so far, I've been trying to watch what I can of
    the mission on NASA TV.  But my 56k connection rarely stays stable for
    30seconds, and no more than 5 minutes.  The audiovisual feed
    stalls/disconnects that frequently.  I then have to reload the page, and
    reaquire the data stream - and sometimes I can't do that!
    Question:  Am I the only one who is having trouble with NASA TV?  Do I
    need a cable modem to maintain the link (something I am seriously
    considering.  Only $32.95/month via local provider.  Cheaper and more
    desirable than Satellite TV!) ?
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