Re: STS-104/ISS observation & more

From: Jim Sebolt (
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 17:48:47 PDT

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    On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Jeff Hunt wrote:
    > My, what a morning for observations!
    > Observed the STS/ISS make an early morning overhead pass starting out bright
    > white at around mag. -4 in the SW and slowly diminishing in brightness as it
    > traveled to the NE.
    Saw the same from western Massachusetts.  Nice that the sky cleared.
    > Of course, Saturn, Venus and Aldebaran looked fabulous together in the east.
    Caught them thru the trees; Venus was absolutely brilliant!
    > And as icing on the cake I observed an apparent interception of the
    > ISS/shuttle by a south bound satellite (maybe an Iridium) when slightly pass
    > maximum elevation at 08:30:30 UTC. I still have to ID that sat.
    Saw that too.  Try 11286 79-20B IntCos 19 rk.  (Courtesy QuickSat)
    Was worth the early hour.
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