"Ofeq 5" launch report

From: Phillip Clark (psclark@dircon.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 13:17:41 PDT

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    An Israeli electronic newsletter called DEBKA-Net-Weekly for July 5th
    reported the successful launch of Ofeq 5 on June 26th, claiming that it is
    in a 1,000 km orbit.
    Actually, no orbital launch attempt has been made by Israel yet this year,
    although a long-delayed new Ofeq is awaited: budget restraints delayed the
    planned launch due last year.
    It will be interesting to see what the new Ofeq is called when it is
    launched.   The Israeli's did not include the two failed Ofeqs between the
    second and third orbital missions in the satellite serial numbers, so the
    next orbital launch should be Ofeq 4.   There was a launch failure in
    January 1998, but that was _not_ a named Ofeq: the Israeli official launch
    announcement did not name the satellite.   In fact that launch was the
    first EROS satellite and the "Ofeq 4" name used for the launch originated
    with journalists who assumed that a domestic Ofeq reconnaissance satellite
    was being carried.
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