SROSS C2 decay, heads up

From: Jim Nix (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 01:08:32 PDT

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    Jul 11, 2001
    Predicted decay of SROSS C2,  23099, 94027A at 01193.008557 UT (19:12:00
    CST July 11)
    West of Tasmania, if it survives for another 30 to 40 minutes its
    could be visible along the Texas gulf coast (19:47:00 CST), central
    Northern Mississippi (19:51:00 CST), Eastern Tennessee and through
    (19:53:00 CST).  Its a small object only 113 kg.
    Description of SROSS C2:  23099, 94027A (From Mark Wade's Encyclopedia
    04 May 1994 SROSS-C2 Launch Site: Sriharikota . Launch Vehicle: ASLV.
    Mass: 113 kg. Perigee: 437 km. Apogee: 938 km. Inclination: 46.2 deg.
    Streched Rohini Satellite Series; measured ionospheric plasma and gamma
    rays. SROSS-C2 satellite carries two scientific payloads: (i) Retarding
    Potential Analyser (RPA), consisting of two planar detectors to measure
    plasma parameters and investigate energetics of the equatorial
    ionosphere. (ii) Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) detectors, cons isting of two
    scintillators to study celestial gamma ray bursts in the energy range of
    20 keV to 3000 keV. Launch vehicle Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
    Groundtrack derived using Rick Von Glahn's Element Manager and decay
    derived using Alan Pickup's Satevo using the elset below from OIG.
    SROSS C2
    1 23099U 94027A   01192.23434259  .05077379  10959-4  70400-3 0  4298
    2 23099  45.9894 179.9615 0004427 321.4535  38.6111 16.34137844400434
    Clear and Dark
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