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From: Steve Adams (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 14:29:25 PDT

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    Hi list
    This is off topic so delete if you do not want to read.
    I first joined this group because of two reasons, a mild interest in
    observing sattelites and my partner seeing an object, (meteor or fireball),
    which we wanted to identify.
    Well... Today I personally had the incredible pleasure of seeing a meteor
    streaking across the early morning sky and it was a truly wondrous sight!
    I was driving so I could not hear anything but I saw a bright green ball
    with a long orange tail lasting about 3 seconds.  It then exploded into
    three large chunks of bright white/yellow which could be seen to drop for
    less than a second.
    My obs site was away from home but at Addington ( 43.5500S, 172.6170E),
    Christchurch New Zealand.  Observation time 07:35 local, (UT +12).
    It travelled approx NNE to SSW at estimated altitude 20 deg.  I would
    actually say that from my viewing location it was within 5 miles from me and
    at a height of about 500 - 1000 metres.
    I would also suggest that if any particles reached the ground they would
    have landed just SW of the area of NZ known as Banks Peninsula.
    This ranks right up there with observing a satellite crossing the night sky
    and, thanks to this group, knowing exactly what satellite it is and what it
    is there for.
    Thanks in advance to the group for indulging my passion.
    Regards - Steve
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