From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 12:50:20 PDT

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    Hi Jonathan,
    > I have two UNID's that I wish to be ID'ed.
    > 07-07-2001:  0837:  Mag. +4 satellite seen  <snip>
    It's good that you report your times in UT, but so there's
    no confusion it's also good to include "UT" with your times.
    In this case, the UT can be assumed since at 08:37 local, you
    wouldn't be able to see a 4th magnitude satellite.
    > ..., in SE, moderately high in sky (don't know the elevation, since I was
    > observing in binoculars, and it is somewhat hard to estimate elevation in
    > binoculars).
    The satellite you saw would have been flashing (if you followed
    it long enough), as this was Iridium 27 (#24947).
    > 10 July 2001:  0822:  Mag +2 satellite, 40 deg. altitude, traveling SW to
    Cosmos 1063 (#11155).  I can send you SkyMap .CFG files showing
    each of these cases if you like.  --Rob
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