Re: A Friend's I.D. question.

From: B Magnus B{ckstr|m (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 01:21:49 PDT

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    On 9 Jul 2001 wrote:
    > Hello All,
    > I'm an Airline pilot, and I received a question from another pilot
    > friend recently. He relayed a description of an object seen in the
    > He told UAL and they thought he was kidding until they also saw it.  Saw
    > it for 45 minutes or so.  ATC new nothing about it.  He said it was
    > basically in the same position although did move from side to side from
    > his relative position.  Said it was shiny like what an American "paint
    > job" looks like.  Too far up to make out a shape other than round.
    My guess is Venus.  Venus is approximately overhead around midday at US
    latitudes, and is around mag -4 -- readily visible during daytime IF one
    knows where to look.
    The difficulty is usually to focus one's eyes correctly on infinity when
    looking into a blue sky.  In the situation described, the observers would
    have been aided (guided) in focusing by watching the overhead aircraft.
    Less atmosphere above should help contrast-wise, too :-)
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