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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 22:24:05 PDT

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    John wrote,
    >> A buddy of mine flys for ATA.  He was on his way to HNL from LAX midday.
    They were watching a UAL flight 2000 ft above them.  When it was overhead,
    he noticed something else.  Above the UAL flight was a shiny object in the
    sky.  He said it appeared to be very high in the sky(90,000 or more).  He
    told UAL and they thought he was kidding until they also saw it.  Saw it for
    45 minutes or so. ATC new nothing about it.  He said it was basically in the
    same position although did move from side to side from his relative
    position. <<
    The 45 min would certainly rule out a LEO. The fact his aircraft was moving
    and the UNID object "was basically in the same position" and moved "from
    side to side" rules out a GEO. There was recently a Global Hawk flight from
    Edwards AFB to Australia, which might have been on the same route. However,
    the advertised altitude of Global Hawk is 65,000 MSL. Note that 90,000 ft =
    27.4 km, which is way too low for orbit. He also spoke of a "paint job" and
    its shape being "round," neither of which can be observed of a satellite
    with the unaided eye.
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