Re: MAP brightness, glints

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 07:08:42 PDT

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    At 01:52 8/07/01 , Allen Thomson wrote:
    >I'd guess MAP is going to be somewhat brighter than that in its operational
    >orbit, and may be a good glint producer.  It's going to stay close to the
    >anti-solar direction, have a large metallized plastic sun shield holding
    >solar panels pointed toward the sun and earth.
    The actul averaged R(ed) magnitude was 14.9. This would make the L2 r
    magnitude about 18.5. Highfly gives mag 15.0 if you introduce a 
    magnitude 2.5 in the highsat.mag file.
    As to glints, I think we are going to miss out on the these. The solar
    panels are fixed on the reverse side of the sunshield.They specifications
    on say they will be at 22.5 degrees to the sun. The
    working configuration has the satellite spinning about the axis of symmetry,
    twice a minute, while this spin axis precesses about the Earth Sun line in 
    a cone of angle 22.5 degrees. With these numbers we wont see any sun glints.
    Tony Beresford
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