viewing upcomming shuttle launch

From: Richard Clark (rclark@LPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 14:41:10 PDT

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    The upcomming shuttle launch to ISS will be in early twilight. It
    will be in full daylighg while the sky is still fairly dark for
    those viewers along the US east coast where launches are sometimes
    What sort of condensation can be expected in the plume? I would
    expect quite a lot, but the long range cameras near the cape never
    show any visible plume after SRB sep.
    This launch will have illumination geometry for some fairly good
    forward scattering so I'm hoping for a show worth dragging people
    out of bed for (early evening launches out of VAFB are often very
    impressive for viewers in the Southwest). I've never heard of such
    observations for a shuttle launch though, but I can't recall any
    that have had quite the right timing for this either.
    Richard Clark
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