Re: McManus Obs 5 July 2001

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 13:07:28 PDT

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    > >See a picture of this sat (USA 103 - 23097) at ...
    > >
    > >What an odd looking thing, anyone know what it's for?
    > USA 103 is a classified Trumpet ELINT/SIGINT sat. That huge thing on 
    > top is
    > its receiving parabolic dish, taking care of the "listening" part of 
    > its
    > operation. The downlink dish is the comparably "small" one below. If 
    > you
    > check the other Trumpets and Advanced Orions on that site, you'll 
    > get views
    > on the same 3D model from different angles, some show the whole 
    > assembly
    > somewhat better than this particular example.
    Would anyone happen to know how big that "receiving parabolic dish" is? 
    It looks enormous!
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