sighting MAP at perigee

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 00:21:53 PDT

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    Using the TLE most recently proced, I have calculated the circumstances 
    of the perigee on July 8, using both Mike McCants latlong and TS Kelso's
    trakstar. I get perigee times which differ by nearly 2 hours. Probably due
    to inappropiate orbit propogator.
    latlong says 22.2N, 109.3E(southern China),at 0305UT July 8, while trakstar says
    22N, 78E(India )at 0500 Ut July 8.
    However both positions are clearly on the sunlit hemisphere of the Earth,
    and nobody is going to see anything. By the time it is seen against a
    dark sky its down to mag 9-10 or fainter for all observers.
    Incidentally MAP was imaged by both Gordon Garradd and Rob McNaught last
    night. Gordon estimated it at mag 14, which is brighter than I predicted it.
    This put the magnitude at the L2 as mag 17.5. A little faint for visual
    observation, but quite easy for a 30cm telescope with a CCD camera.
    Tony eresford
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