Re: Satellite/booster chunk from sky

From: Mike Waterman (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 02:20:59 PDT

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    From the relatively light construction, and the symmetry I agree that it
    is likely to be part of a space launcher or satellite, not from an aircraft.
    Parts of launch vehicle lower stages, which do not reach orbit, often come
    down on land (or sea), but do any launch trajectories go over Mexico? 
    Certainly not US or Ariane.
    More likely is a reentered satellite: and in this case the object looks
    more like a final-stage rocket. Rockets are mostly light structure with
    a few cables, and other bits attached. Payloads are usually covered with
    attached components. 
    An Ariane is very unlikely, since few of these travel further than 7 degrees
    latitude North.
    Mike Waterman
    Site Yateley = COSPAR 2115 =  51.3286N  0.7950W  75m.
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