Satellite Hunting 1.1.0 Released
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:39:34 EDT

As promised, Satellite Hunting has undergone a major upgrade and version 
1.1.0 is available for download at

I've received many suggestions for improvement and I think I've managed to 
include about ninety-five percent of your suggestions in this release.

For those of you not familiar with the program, Satellite Hunting is a 
shareware application that generates visible pass predictions from Two Line 
Elements (TLE) files. It is fully native to 32 bit Windows (95/98/NT) and 
takes advantage of the graphical user interface (GUI). In fact, the ease of 
use and the "Look and feel" have generated many wonderful compliments.

A complete revision history is available at the web site. Here are a few of 
the highlights.

Added Features
- 'Specify Window' allows user to input beginning and ending search times.
- TLE filename, modification date and time, are included in Status bar.
- TLE file path is included at the bottom of the 'File' menu.
- Satellite Hunting remembers the path to your TLE files between sessions.
- 'Options' control panel allows user to customize Satellite Hunting
- Plot Path/Stars includes much-requested 'Star Chart' mode.
- Right-Click menu added to Plot Path/Stars. Menus include 
  - Mode (Planetarium, or Star Chart)
  - Rotate to (Eight compass points, or Automatic)
  - Zoom (180 X 130, or 90 X 60 degree field of view)
  - Refresh
- Added bookmarks to Built in Web Browser for fast access to
  - TLE downloads
  - Online Help
  - Coordinate resources

- Star file expanded to 9051 stars (Edited Bright Star Catalog, to mag 7.9). 
- Satellite Descriptions file expanded to include more than 8,000 objects. 
(This file is updated monthly for registered users).
- Satellite Descriptions file includes an estimated mean magnitude for nearly 
every object in orbit.
- Satellite Descriptions window now includes international ID.
- Star names can be formatted three different ways
  - Greek symbol (e.g. "Alpha")
  - Greek Symbol and constellation abbreviation (e.g. "Alpha" UMa)
  - Common Name (e.g. Dubhe)
- Constellations can be identified by (in any combination)
  - Name (e.g. Ursa Major)
  - Abbreviated name (e.g. UMa)
  - Boundaries
  - Outline (This file is a work in progress. Updates will be available to 
registered users).
- Satellite plot includes time indications along the path.
- Satellite Latitude and Longitude now indicated to three decimal places.
- Predictions copied to windows clipboard, now include header information.

- Fixed bug that caused some users to experience 'Runtime Error 5' during TLE 
- Fixed bug that caused some users to experience 'Runtime Error 380' at 
startup or during re-size event.

NOTE: Some international users still report strange behavior when a comma (,) 
is specified as the decimal symbol (.) in the 'Number' tab of the Windows 
'Regional Settings' Control Panel. All but one were able to work around this 
problem by replacing the decimal (.) where the comma had been. Please let me 
know what problems are still out there, so I can continue to work toward a 
complete solution.

I invite everyone to visit the Satellite Hunting homepage at for a complete list of features, 
screenshots and online help. Please understand that this is still an early 
release. Some features are less sophisticated than others. For the time 
being, most of the user instructions and "Help" will be found on the website. 
The program includes a built-in web browser, which launches directly to the 
URL above. Feel free to E-mail me with questions, comments and suggestions 
for improvement.

x    Satellite Hunting™ visible pass     x
x      prediction shareware v1.1.0       x
x    is now available for download at    x
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