Re: Chandra Obs, 30 Jul 99

Ron Lee (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 08:27:50 -0600

>Time was 07:34 UT on 30 Jul 99. Range about 72703 km.  Skymap
>phase angle of 127.1.   I think this yields a standard magnitude
>of about 3.2 (of course my magnitude estimate is plus or minus
>about 0.5 magnitude).

I failed to provide my visual magnitude estimate.  That was 12.0
with an uncertainty of perhaps 0.5 magnitude.  Realistically the
actual magnitude is likely fainter than 12.0 if my estimate is
incorrect since I was seeing magnitude 11.7 stars relatively
easily.  Obviously the nearly full moon degraded the ability to
see fainter objects.

I plan on looking for the Lunar Prospector event tomorrow morning
and plan on looking for Chandra again.  At that time, clouds may
be fewer and the moon will be one day closer to new.  That may not
help a lot but it is some improvement.

Ron Lee