Routine Obs Reporting

Bruno Tilgner (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 18:28:22 -0400

>What do the rest of you think? 

I am NOT in favour of routine observation reports.
Everything that behaved as calculated with publicly
available TLEs isn't worth reporting. Newton's and
Kepler's theories need no proof any more. It is
particularly useless to state that a known object
passed close to some star or constellation.

I take this opportunity to ask everybody to refrain
from excessively quoting messages. It has become a
habit to quote pages of text, only to add "I agree"
or "I don't agree". It puts a heavy burden on the
Internet communication channels to transmit all
this noise.

The HTML attachments which some ill-configured mailers
generate also belong to this category.

Bruno Tilgner
Saint-Cloud, France