Routine Obs Reporting
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 13:31:35 -0600 (MDT)

Hi All:

I got this from another list-member about my recent post about my Obs of
last night (29 Jul UTC):

>Just a friendly comment; it has been posted to all
>-many months ago- when a discussion on SeeSat contents
>and audience ("I saw Mir!") was intensive.
>Postings are supposed to help and activate visual observers.
>It is OK for beginners to share their enthusiasm by reporting
>everything, but in general a report should at least contain
>something unexpected. Another exception is Russell Eberst's
>(and similar) accurate reports, which may be used for orbit calculations.
>I would like to see reports on Iridium flares at unpredicted
>times/magnitudes, or other flares/flashes with both RA/dec and az/el.
>Maneuvering satellites that are not on time should be reported
>(and other satellites where prediction errors are larger than
>expected). If "uninteresting" observations are included, the
>Subject: line should clearly indicate what is important.
>This may be my own interpretation - please be free to respond
>publicly (with copy of my text) if you (or others may) feel

Here is my reasoning for what i reported:

Iridium 11A #25577 98074A - this was reported to let others know that it is
still operational and flare predictions are still accurate for it. But i
suppose it can be considered as a routine obs. 

JERS 1 #21867 92007A - i have not been getting any predictions that this one
is making visible passes which is understandable given the numbers for it,
3.1 0.9 1.8 6.8 d 11.4. One night i saw it flare twice and after ID'ing it,
i looked for it again and was able to see it on consectutive nights and at
times flaring up to 3 times plus i saw an unknown leading it one night,
which i reported.  

COS-B r #08063 75072B - this was not predicted to make a visible pass last
night and given it's 317km x 2700km orbit, it's an interesting object IMO.

UARS #21701U 91063B - this one i'd say was a routine pass.

Cosmos 744 r #07969 750556B - for the most part it was routine but the brief
flare made it a bit more interesting. 

I admit that not all of them were interesting but should posts only be made
if something interesting is seen and what is considered interesting? Should
rules or criteria for what can or can not be reported be applied to the
list? Should, as the list-member mentioned, the Subject line include a
mention of what is of interest or maybe put in a ROR (Routine Obs Report)
warning so those that are not interested can delete the post without reading
it? What do the rest of you think?