Re: STS-93 Shuttle Re-entry Pictures

Jake Rees (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 22:15:47 -0700

I saw and recorded the NASA-TV video of the re-entry shot from JSC at
Houston.  It was pretty decent video although the video never measures up to
being there to see it in person.

I found two web sites where using RealPlayer software, you can watch STS-93
re-entry video as seen from Texas.  I tried two or three times to play the
QuickTime video mentioned by Sue Worden at:
Each time, my computer crashed.

RealPlayer KENS-TV San Antonio Tuesday "Eyewitness News @ 10:00" shows it as
it was going over them live at about 3 min. into the newscast.  Even if the
RealPlayer video does not play smooth, it gives a sense of excitement about
the event.  The URL:

For some reason, WFAA-TV Dallas didn't have the Tues. 10 PM news available
but the 5AM Wed. news had a clip of the event starting at 6 min. into the

--  Jake Rees