Decay watch: July 28

Alan Pickup (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 08:09:53 +0100

I have posted another update to my Decay Watch page at

with updated notices for #25870 and #25685.

New elsets have appeared for #25870 (Mir deb NG) after a gap of many
hours. These confirm the shift to an earlier decay. I now show decay
today (July 28) at 17:56 UTC +-4h near a southbound equator crossing
just W of Sumatra in the E Indian Ocean. SpaceCom puts decay one orbit
earlier; once again, a typo gave the wrong date yesterday :(

New elsets have also finally appeared for #25685 (Sputnik 99). These
also confirm the shift to an earlier decay time, now due at July 29
21:14 UTC +-10h by my calculation.

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