re: STS reentry over Texas

Philip Chien (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 13:01:13 -0400

"Robert Reeves" <> said:

>What can I say?  Spectacular!  The STS reentry tonight passed north of
>San Antonio, Texas, so it passed below Polaris and above the tree line
>across the street from me.

I'm actually jealous that I was physically at the Cape for landing (as
usual) instead of in Texas.  Didn't see the shuttle until it came in to the
xenon lights just before landing - fairly typical for a night landing.

It sounds like the ion trail was quite spectacular over Houston.

I did see Columbia pass over the Cape on the previous orbit at about 9:30
pm EDT.  It occured just as I arrived at the Kennedy Space Center press
site and I shouted for everybody to come outside and see Columbia on its
final go-around before landing.  Very nice nearly overhead pass at least
first magnitude if not brighter.

> We then turned to CNN for the landing

And Jay Respler asked

:So who took the pictures from Houston that I saw on CNN?

NASA.  They put a camera on top of a building at the Johnson Space Center
in Houston and the producer chose that view (instead of the mission control
room, graphics, or views of the shuttle runway in Florida) when it came in
view.  Pretty decent shot.

CNN received the NASA feed in Florida and selected between it and their
cameras and uplinked it to their satellite.

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