STS reentry over Texas

Robert Reeves (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 23:01:56 -0500

What can I say?  Spectacular!  The STS reentry tonight passed north of
San Antonio, Texas, so it passed below Polaris and above the tree line
across the street from me.  I have seen a number of shuttle reentrys,
but never from the comfort of my own living room!  We killed all the inside
lights, pulled the shades wide open, kicked back and waited for the show
to start.  The NASA webcast of the reentry showed me it was coming
fast, and sure enough there it flew, west to east like a flaming arrow
leaving a smoking trail.  You could see the plasma trail curling and
about 30 seconds behind the orbiter.  My wife and teenage son were
pressed against the glass like a kid in a candy store window watching it go

We then turned to CNN for the landing and my son was amazed at the
forward looking TV out the commander's window.  The heads up display
and view out the window was just like the Shuttle landing simulator CD I
bought for him several years ago.  He said he thought the CD was just a
game, he didn't realize that's how it was really done.

A spectacular ending for this flight, but mared by the NASA funding cuts
revealed today.

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