Re: STS-93 Re-Entry: NASA TV online

Jake Rees (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 16:46:55 -0700

If it is a problem getting NASA-TV via the web (or even if it's not), the
Florida Today Space Online STS-93/Columbia Mission Journal is excellent for
timely updates:

They also have launch/mission log journals for many or most other space
launches which is great when there is not a satellite feed (or you don't
have a satellite dish) of a launch.  They tend to be extremely timely,
updating even from minute-to-minute when events are closely spaced.  Look at
the journal and see how frequent the updates were when the Columbia was
launching.  You must remember to keep refreshing or reloading your web
browser to get the latest.  It should be timely enough for finding out if
the Columbia will land on the first or second pass.  I would trust Florida
Today more than most radio stations to give you timely, accurate

For those in a position to see the Shuttle re-entry at night (tonight), I
would suggest that you don't miss it.  I saw the STS-78 re-entry (July
1996?) over central California when it was still dark (barely).  The plasma
trail started out low in the NW as a vivid pink, gradually turned to orange
as it progressed towards culmination.  Then as it got past culmination
progressing into the more light pre-sunrise sky, the colors became more
white or just white.   All the time the shuttle itself was a very, very
bright object, extremely easy to see all the way to the eastern horizon.
Looking around the neighborhood where I happened to end up, it appeared that
everybody was asleep.  I don't think very many people saw it.

Tonight, whether you see colors or just white, I think will depend on
various lighting factors and otherwise..  I happened to be (STS-78) a couple
of thousand of miles from Cape Canaveral in a just barely somewhat dark sky
in the west but getting light in the east before sunrise.

--  Jake Rees
    Burbank, California, USA