UnId Jul 27, 1999

Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:20:48 -0500

July 27, 1999

Poor viewing conditions, Haze and a full moon-

HST observed at near 1.0.

UnId-Interesting Unidentified flasher, varied from 2.0
	to max's of -.5 to 0.0 (approx. 02:25:15.00) or at least brighter
	than Vega or Arcturus.  Unable to get good position timing, and 
	observed for aprox. 70 secs before losing in clouds in SE. 
        Trajectory roughly that	of Transtage 4 Deb (01668) 
	which was predicted to have  passed three minutes earlier.
	Did get a short period timing of 4.13 secs,
	max's were of 2.2 sec duration.  Estimate that
	it traversed a distance from (+- 7d) 

	14 56 42.89 +04 54 28.1  to 17 53 25.81 +01 38 56.70
	(this is the transtage debris passage)

	in 90 secs (+- 30s) I'm inclined to believe that it passed 
	quicker than the transtage object (pred. two min to cover 
	same distance) but could be mistaken.  Objects near zenith 
	seem to	pass quicker.

PPAS format, Max's were brighter near zenith, and this timing was
just before it passed behind clouds in SE.

99 -99 Z 1999-07-26 02:26:07.53 JN 4.13 .02 01 4.13 1.0->3.0 Mm 

This is similar to an UnId flasher I posted last October and no one could 
ID. I also note that it was similar trajectory as the Transtage Debris 
at that time and close in time to the Transtage debris pass.

Input on this of course appreciated.  In the mean time I'll look for it
again at about three minutes after the next 01668 pass.

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