STARSHINE report from Australia

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:47:23 -0500

I have received an observation from Australia which is unique and
interesting on naked eye observation of the STARSHINE satellite. The report
is of a pass at 1838 UT on July 22, 1999 seen at Loganleigh near Brisbane.
The observer claims to have seen 20 flashes at 4-5 second intervals and each
one was about -1 magnitude. I would appreciate if Australian observers,
specifically at this time, could focus on STARSHINE and see if you can
confirm such an observation. This particular pass occurred with Max
elevation of 70 degrees above the northeast with the sun at 284
azimuth,elevation -19.

There is likely a special geometry where more flashes could be seen from a
specific row of mirrors and it may not be exactly repeated again but we are
trying to determine when or if consistent naked eye flashes might be seen at
various latitudes.

Paul D. Maley

tel. 281-244-0208; fax: 281-244-1140
latitude 29.6049 north, longitude 95.1086 west, elev 6m