Iridium 46 glint in M31

Matson, Robert (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 17:33:36 -0700

Hi All,

Sorry for the late heads-up, but for those in Southern California
Iridium 46 is going to produce a bright flare at about 22:48:45
Pacific Daylight Time tonite (Tuesday, July 20).  The flare will
reach -6 from my house in Newport Coast, despite being only 14
degrees above the horizon in the northeast.  Due to the low
elevation, I suspect the flare will be bright from a fairly wide

What caught my eye about this flare prediction, though, is that
IR46 passes right through the Andromeda Galaxy, and reaches its
peak brightness only 2 degrees to its right!  For someone with
the right photography equipment, this would make a great astro
photo.  --Rob