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Bryan Lowe (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 16:26:25 -0700

seesat guidelines request a quick intro of new subscribers.

Bryan Lowe
Classical Music Announcer and Webmaster at

I have always liked sats.... and have many memories of watching them as a
kid camping out in the backyard.  I have been using satspy program for a
long time and enjoy my evenings outside in my front yard.  As an inactive
ham radio person I somtimes think of monitoring radio transmissions from
sats... or using the oscar system... but the price seems a little steep.

I am thinking of a telescope for the stars and see that the new Meade ETX125
claims the ability to track sats... but wonder if it is REALLY capable and
imagine I would just see a slightly larger white speck.  I would love one of
the 12" models that allow seeing some actual structure.... but that is
outside my price range.

Bryan Lowe