Decay watch: July 20 & WWW page

Alan Pickup (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 22:01:28 +0100

Not for the first time, there are three current decayers and I worry
that my Decay Watch notices may occupy an undue proportion of the
bandwidth on this list. I therefore propose to shift the bulk of these
to a WWW page at

Using a WWW page has the advantage that I can include more comprehensive
predicted elsets, and allows me to update the prediction more frequently
if warranted. It also means that timely dissemination of the information
is not subject to the vagaries of email propagation to and from SeeSat-
L. At present, the page includes only the latest notice, but I am
considering whether to include links to earlier notices, if these would
be of interest. Comments on this change are invited :)

I have just posted updated Decay Watch notices there for the Molniya
3-50 rocket and platform, and for the Molniya 3-30 r2. I expect the
Molniya 3-50 rocket to decay at July 21 03:39 UTC (+-4h) on an orbit
that takes it over Europe from Paris at 03:24 UTC to St Petersburg at

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