Re: check sum error..?

Ralph McConahy (
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 18:20:18 -0700 wrote:

>Anybody uses SatTrack and can help me?  I have problem with some tle
>sets there - with some tles it says "check sum error in TLE set" even
>after "fixchecksum" and nothing can fix it. For example, I can't view
>this tle:
>Iridium 20A
>1 25578U 98074B   99197.17911374 +.00001155 +00000-0 +24674-3 0 00853
>2 25578 086.5347 110.6935 0019633 320.0622 039.9143 14.57923427030426

The last digit in line 1 should be a 7 (instead of a 3). The rest of the TLE
checks OK against one I have for that spacecraft and that epoch. Somehow the
check digit became corrupt. If you have many of them then you may have
downloaded a corrupt file.

Check digits will equal the sum of all the digits in a line in columns 1
through 68, modulo 10. Spaces, letters, and plus signs (+) equal zero. Minus
signs (-) equal 1.

  Ralph McConahy
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