Mir and August 11 eclipse

Bruno Tilgner (Bruno_Tilgner@compuserve.com)
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 19:34:47 -0400

Russel Eberst wrote:

> I have been taking a look at Mir predictions for August 11 around the time 
> of eclipse totality.  I find a transit across Europe at approx 10:20 U.T.
> for the Mir space station......
> However, if there are no major orbital changes, then observers in the
> Dieppe/Le Havre region have a fair chance of spotting Mir at or near
> the time of totality.

With recent TLEs the time of passage is around 10:17 to 10:19 UTC, so the
evolution is in the wrong direction and will continue so, unless the orbit
is raised in the next couple of weeks. Mir will be much higher above the
horizon further south and further east, and this is where most observers
will go, but the total phase of the eclipse occurs about 10 minutes later.

So the odds aren't very good.

Bruno Tilgner
Saint-Cloud, France