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Hi list,

This post is a little bit off-topic but I think there could be more people

At Fri, 16 Jul 1999 15:33:02 -0500, (Joe Dellinger) said:

>	PS: I'm planning on trying to observe the upcoming total solar eclipse
>from "Dillingen" in Bavaria. I thought since that's where my last name comes
>from, and it's almost on the center line, I just had to go there for it.
>However it is too small to be listed in any of the NASA prediction tables. Is
>there anyone that could calculate local circumstances for the eclipse given
>a latitude, longitude, and elevation? I'd be most grateful.


There's a great program by german coder Manfred Dings named Ephemtool
that calculates everything you always wanted to know about eclipses
and were afraid to ask and more.  It uses the full ELP-2000 Lunar theory
and the VSOP87 solar system series, so you get FULL accuracy
with your Windows box. (Sorry, I sound like a computer magazine ad :-)

It's 100% free and you can get it at:

(don't forget to download the vsop87c.dll and elp2000.dll libraries
from the same page)

I've tested it against a number of eclipses in almanacs and it's Ok.
Furthermore, you can calculate all kind of hi-precision ephemerides
for planets, and even *artificial satellites*, moons of Jupiter,
occultations, you name it.  It has a numerical integrator for solar
system bodies including asteroids, comets, spacecrafts... The results are
also given in Excel spreadsheet format.  It's a GREAT piece of software.

Sorry for my English, we speak another thing here.

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