Re: same predictions for different satellites

Sat, 17 Jul 1999 21:43:22 -0400

J. v. Gastel wrote:
> In the quicksat output of friday evening july 16, some predictions are
> exactly alike: The satellites are:
> 23579 Spektr, 23848 Priroda, 25632  99007 A, 25664  99015 A. The two
> Kvant satellites, coming about 1.40 minutes later, also have common
> predictions.
> I am not an experienced satellite observer (just started), so I don't
> know what this means. Are these all parts of the same sattelite (MIR)? 

Yes. Mir and its attachments are a special, maybe unique, case.  Ignore
predictions for all those other objects. Just go with the predictions for
Mir.  Mir is so bright because it is composed of those many different 

Jay Respler
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