re: satwk29 report from OIG

Philip Chien (
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 15:36:27 -0400

Mike McCants <> posted -

>                 Satellite Catalog Action Report
>From: 1999/07/10
>Through: 1999/07/17
>The following objects have been reported as cataloged:
>Designator   CatNo Common Name               Source LaunchDate
>------------ ----- ------------------------- ------ ----------


>1999-039A    25860 OKEAN-O                   CIS    1999/07/17
>1999-039B    25861 SL-16 R/B                 CIS    1999/07/17

son of a gun.  A Zenit actually worked.  ;-)

Obviously this is a standard SL-16 Zenit-2 upper stage, not the Block DM
third stage used with SeaLaunch which was the topic of discussion a while

So it will look like a typical Zenit-2 which actually makes it to orbit
(which is not exactly so assured) - OBJ SeeSat comment.

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