Superbird A for Africa

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:30:00 -0700

Hi All,

Thought I'd post a Superbird A update.  Right now flashes are
occurring for Africa.  The exact flash window is not yet known,
but it will probably be close to 2:30 UT for South Africa on
Saturday, July 17th.  The center of the flash window comes
~100 seconds later each night.

For Cape Town, South Africa, my predicted center time for
17 Jul is 2:32 UT; however, I would start looking 20 minutes
early to cover the uncertainty in the satellite spin axis.
At 2:32 Superbird A will be low in east-northeast (elev ~17
deg), about 15 degrees to the lower right (mostly right) of
Saturn, in line with omicron-Tauri.  (i.e. Omi Tau will be
halfway between Saturn and Superbird A).  With each passing
night, Superbird will appear a little higher in the sky
as it slowly drifts westward.

Good luck to any who try.  I will advise when passes for
Europe are favorable.  --Rob