Re: BBC: "New Mir mission announced"

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about Mir;

> There is an excellent documentary airing on PBS, with lots of video and
> interviews with the astronauts and cosmonauts involved in the recent
> disasters. One of NASA's astronauts says something along the lines of "We as
> humans have a tendency not to know when to close a chapter. Mir had many
> wonderful years, but it is time to close that chapter with dignity, before
> someone gets killed." (or words to that effect).

I saw the documentary just a couple of weeks ago "Terror in Space". There used
to be a saying when someone did something extraordinary that "it took gut's to
do that." After watching the documentary and realizing this is the '90s it's
fair to say you've gotta have really "big ones" to board that ride. Even though
women have been present on occasion. "Terror in Space" is really worth watching
to give you the insight to the past and present  Mir problems and why the above
statement from Stephmon is more than likely correct.

Also I'd like to mention, on July 20th Tuesday of next week one of the biggest
inspirational movies ever made in my opinion will hit the Blockbuster Video
stores. If you haven't already seen "October Sky" it's a must see. If you
haven't seen the movie rent the video, it's worth every minute.