Re: Mir Flare?

Paolo Bussola (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:03:20 +0200

Tom Rothamel ha scritto:

> Earlier tonight, I was watching Mir pass by from the parking lot of SUNY
> Farmingdale (40.7230 N 73.4250 E, around 0 altitude.). The pass was
> going normally, reaching it's maximum elevation around 22:31 EDT. This
> should have roughly coencided with maximum brightness for the pass, but it
> didn't. As it was descending and dimming, it suddenly gained brightness,
> exceeding by quite a bit the predicted maximum. (It may have also gotten
> bigger in size, but this could have been an illusion.)
> I'd like to know if there's anything that's known that could cause this.
> Is it a water dump (I don't know if Mir does these.), manuvering burn, or
> something else?

On 24/07/98 I took an image of near zenith pass of Mir. At the max elevation it
had a -6 mag. flare. You can see it in my page about Iridium Flares Images.

Paolo "comet gazer" Bussola