Globalstar (99-037 A-D) and Delta R/B Obs, 13 Jul 99

Ron Lee (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:50:50 -0600

Observed these objects for the first time since the first rev
after launch.   The Delta second stage was first and was steady
in brightness during the 2-3 minutes I observed it in the south.
Lost it while trying to reposition for the eastern/NE portion of
the pass.

While waiting for the Globalstars, I saw a highly retrograde object
moving WSW; max elevation about 47 degrees.  I have not run Skymap
but I suspect it may be one of the objects from an Israeli launch.

The Globalstars were easy binocular objects (mag 6?).  Object #25853
was first followed one minute later by #25852 & 25854 in close

Object #25851 was preceded by another object that was in an identical
inclination and similar mean motion orbit.  Later checking showed it
to be a Globalstar from the earlier Soyuz launch (99 019 D; #25679).

Obs in the 09:50-10:20 UT time period.

Ron Lee