Re: File on Standard Magnitude

Tue, 13 Jul 1999 02:48:47 -0400

Ed Cannon wrote:
> Regarding satellites' common names, that's a bit of an issue.  One
> "authoritative document" is OIG's Satellite Situation
> Report.  However, for launch vehicles it only lists
> something like "Delta R/B", rather than something like
> "Iridium ## R/B".  So to use the SSR, you have to look
> up the "A" object ("A" in most cases) to determine
> which payload was put into orbit by this Delta, Titan,
> SL-12, CSL-04, Pegasus, etc. 

To help with that, the SSR sat list on my web site is sorted
by launch instead of catalog #.  That makes it easy to link
payload to rocket.

Sat name used to be listed for the rocket.
I don't know why it was changed.

 I've decided to try to
> always include both catalog number and international
> identification as well as a common name. 

Good practice for everyone to follow.

 In spite of
> the inconsistencies, I find actual names such as
> "Globalstar ## R/B" (or "Rk" or "r") to be easier to
> remember than "12345" or "72087N" (or "72-087N" or> "72 087  N", etc.)

I agree. I wish Spacecom hadn't changed the system.

Jay Respler
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