Re: File on Standard Magnitude

Tue, 13 Jul 1999 02:30:46 -0400

Floyd Weaver wrote:
>Is there any way to easily keep the Quicksat mag file up to date? 

Up to date in what manner?  Refined sizes? New launches?

>I use
> Quicksat but do not like that the mag file is around 18 months old. 

Mike publishes a new list much more often than that. The latest is probably only
a month old.

>I have
> updated a few items myself but am wondering if anyone else keeps it updated.

If you need it, it's simple enough to do, and doing it yourself for the objects
you're interested in would be the fastest way to get an update.

>  Would it be a good idea to some how have a centralized
> magnitude file that is updated regularly, 

I'm working on it. That's my main project, but it takes years to observe and
catalog everything.

> For example I use a mag value of 1 for some of the tumbling
> Iridiums so that they appear in the Quicksat prediction list, but other
> folks might not want them to show up in their list.

I suggest my system.  Use different CTL files for different types of satellites.
I have a dozen CTL files for new, bright, iridium, low incl, high ecc, sync,
etc.  This allows you to see just what you want.

> It is possible to miss
> some of the newly launched objects unless the mag file is updated >regularly.

Not if you have a CTL file for them.

> Resurs 1-4 r (NORAD #25400U   98043G) is one example of a sat that was not
> on my Quicksat list until I just happened to see it last year and entered it
> in the quicksat mag file.

It, and other naked eye sats, are in VISUAL.tle that I compile. There's a link
on my web site, below, to Mike and Celestrk.

>What about the satellite names and NORAD numbers? Could something along the
> same line as I mentioned above for the mags, be done with them. 

It's already done.  Use the ID from alldat or SSR. 

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